La Wanda Davis Executive Director
Phone 979-245-2652 Ext 101

La Wanda Davis started with The Housing Authority Of Bay City on July 5, 2018 as a Specialist 2 for Section 8 Programs. La Wanda became Executive Director of Housing Authority Of Bay City on February 15, 2019.

La Wanda’s training includes:

  • HCV Housing Quality Standards
  • EIV Security Awareness
  • Public Housing Agency Executive Management
  • SEMAP Certifications
  • Housing Authority Basic Commissioners 101 Training
  • New Executive Director’s Training
  • Section 3 Reporting

La Wanda had been in the Management field for over 25 years with 71 accredited hours in Psychology and Entrepreneurship. Mrs. Davis has been a Life Coach for seven years with a specialty in Money Management. Mrs. Davis is currently working on her Real Estate Licenses. La Wanda has a passion for Outreach. Mrs. Davis is the CEO and founder of her own organization. La Wanda loves her tenants and look forward to providing a safe, decent, and affordable unit to our low income families